Kanaiya Tours and Travels Blog http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/ Latest Products Thu, 20 Jun 2024 10:09:02 +0530 en-us http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in Key reasons to hire taxi while travelling http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/key-reasons-to-hire-taxi-while-travelling_6972.htm Thu, 02 May 2019 12:59:00 +0530   Traveling is an important essence in life. It is like therapy for a lot of people that energizes the soul and bring one's better mental peace. Various different kinds of people have their own reasons and kinds of travelling with the one thing common are transportation. Transportation is an issue that needs to be taken care of while you are travelling and it isn’t something that should bother you very much. Various kinds and means of transportation available all throughout the world but the most compact, personalized and preferred is a taxi. Taxi is a car which you hire personally for yourself all throughout your journey. If you are still wondering what is the importance of taxi on your trip would be here are the few reasons why you should hire a taxi in Rajkot while travelling – 1. PersonalizedDefinitely one of the main reasons why you should think about a taxi hire in Rajkot is because of the personalized way of travelling that you will be getting. This implies that the car would totally belong to you and you can make stops where ever you feel like. This will ensure that you get the best of the travelling experience without having the problem of waiting for the entire team for public transport to stop.2. Better GuideWhen you are travelling in Rajkot with the taxi you can be rest assured that you do not need to hire an additional guide to show around. Your taxi driver will do the needful. One of the major benefits of travelling in a taxi is that a taxi driver is supposedly a local person who can show you around and guide you a lot better than any other public transport would. Hence to know the maximum about a specific place without having to spend extra amounts of money definitely ask your taxi driver for the opinion. 3. ComfortThese important points cannot surely be missed out that you are supposing to experience while travelling in a taxi. Taxi hire in Rajkot is sure to be beneficial see you, as it is guaranteed to provide you with maximum comfort. With your own taxi, you can sit in any position as you feel like and experience the best city with the minimum amount of discomfort.4. RecommendationsAnother important thing that your taxi driver is sure to give you is a proper recommendation. Like the fact that your driver might be a local person, he would be aware of the shops and places like restaurants which will be open at the specific hours and which serve the best food and items. Hence you do not have to rely on the Internet to help you.Having a personal car for yourself can always true about to be a good decision. So the next time you look out for taxi hire in Rajkot surely do not hesitate before you make this commitment as always prove out to be a good one. How Can Tour Operators In Jamnagar Help You? http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/how-can-tour-operators-in-jamnagar-help-you_7159.htm Wed, 10 Jul 2019 15:30:24 +0530   Travel and tour have also been a very interest part of every human being. The journey and trip can be for business purposes or one’s pleasure. For centuries, traveling to new places has to lead to the discovery of new areas like in 1497 to 1498 Vasco da Gama first discovered India. Like this, many islands and continents were discovered for commercial and tour purposes. Touring is the discovery of new places in a particular area one is traveling. Thus travel and tour always go hand in hand.Who are tour operators?Tour operators are those who combine the travel and tour components to create a holiday package. To attract public, they create brochures and advertise about their holiday packages, ternaries and also about their products. They also help one to book flight or train tickets to a particular place. They also help tourists to book a car who can take one from the airport or station to one’s respective hotel. They also help one to hire a car; one can use for traveling places or to any tourist places. They also help one to book hotels form business trip purposes or tourism purposes.     Types of tour operators and their servicesTour operators are of numerous types. They are as follows:   • Domestic Operators: Here, the tour operator helps one to visit or tour within one’s own country. • Inbound Operators: Here, the tour operators help international tourist who comes for tourism purpose. The tourists are given guidance to different places.• Outbound Operators: Here, the tour operators plan a tour or produce travel packages for native people or residents of that country to go to other countries for travel or tour purposes. • Direct Sell Operators: Here, the tour operators sell their packages to tour agents. This helps them to sell their packets directly to the public and gain profit from it. Here it is a win-win for both the tour operators and the tourists.How can tour operators in Jamnagar help tourists?Tour operators in Jamnagar can help you in many ways. Some of them are as follows:• They can help one organize their tour within one’s budget in many useful ways.• They can help one book one’s desired hotel in a particular area in Jamnagar, within one’s budget.• They can inform one about the various places to visit in Jamnagar.• They can help one book cars, which can take them to different tourist places in Jamnagar.• They can help one offer packages that may be very cost effective for one; the package contains all the tourist places.• They also help to plan a business trip in Jamnagar.• They also help one to book train tickets or flight tickets.Travel and tourism have always helped one to refresh their mind and rejuvenate their body. It helps one to connect with nature and also to a specific place they are traveling. It helps one to connect with the history of one place and take one in a beautiful adventure. Benefits of Hiring A Hotel Booking Agent http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/benefits-of-hiring-a-hotel-booking-agent_7626.htm Thu, 07 Nov 2019 14:29:42 +0530   Most of people love traveling. Whether it’s ‘vacation’, ‘office tour’, ‘seminar visit’, ‘holiday’, ‘get together’, or ‘outing’ – everyone loves to travel new places! Irrespective of your motive to visit, you need to plan your stay well for keeping your mind relaxed and to remain chilled. To ensure a safe and hassle-free travel, you need to look after a number of factors and among them the most important thing is definitely – booking a perfect hotel room to stay. This is the prior reason why hotel booking has expanded to the fastest growing business today.How a hotel booking agent in Jamnagar can help you in getting the right hotel for you? Well, the retail outlets of the online hotel booking agencies are present in a number of cities in the country. You can contact them to plan your holiday stay according to your budget. This will help you to get rid of those online hotel searches, comparing the budgets, and checking availability for your desired dates. Rather you can spend those valuable time relaxing and packing or doing something productive. Actually the hotel booking agencies are backed by travel agents who are efficient in providing every detail regarding flights, hotels, and all that may fit into your budget and needs.And, if you want a luxury and comfortable stay for your family, hotel booking agents can arrange any sort of stay for you including cottage booking and luxury multi-starrer hotel booking.   Let’s see what the advantages you may enjoy by hiring an agent to plan your travel and stay.1. ExperienceThey know and understand the market. After listening properly to your needs, they will match you with a better thing that you can find on your own or on the internet.2. AdvocateIf there happens anything wrong with your booking or stay in the hotel room, your hotel booking agent would fight for you. Does not matter whose fault it is! Your comfort is his concern. He will make sure that you do not face any discomfort during your vacation.3. ResourcesThey have access to a range of tools which you yourself may not be able to use. They can get you a better transport, added conveniences at the hotel room, room upgrades, and plan activities in the indoor or outdoor for you.4. ConvenienceThey can match your desires to your vacation like what you exactly saw on the television. In reality, you find that travel inspiration is different from the real travel desires. Which hotel rooms look good on television or on the internet, are not actually ideal for your personality! A hotel booking agent in Jamnagar will help you in defining what you really want in your holiday stay.5. Money-savingOften they can save you a huge amount by their supplier relationships. Or, at least they can match your desired price while saving your effort and valuable time too. There may be some other hidden saving too during your hotel stay.   So, next time when you will plan your vacation never forget to hire a hotel booking agent! Things To Check Before booking a Taxi Service In Jamnagar http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/things-to-check-before-booking-a-taxi-service-in-jamnagar_7899.htm Thu, 09 Jan 2020 11:19:34 +0530   Owing to the changing lifestyle choices in this modern world, most of us prefer to avail taxi service or cab service as a suitable mode of transportation. Traveling by taxi or cab, whether for your daily work or for pleasure tours, is very common nowadays. One of the major reasons to hire a taxi is the convenience that it brings. It is almost easy to hire a cab or taxi these days given to the ease of booking over the phone or online. With reliable taxi cab providers providing taxi service or cab service, one can choose the desired car from an extensive fleet. Clients can select their desired car for rent from a wide range of automobiles or vehicles as per their preferences and budget.Cab Service in Jamnagar: - Jamnagar is a popular city in Gujarat and has played the most significant role in shaping the culture of the state. The place attracts hordes of tourists as it has many alluring places to visit here. The city is known for many famous temples, sightseeing beaches, hills, forests, bird sanctuaries, and national parks. A throng of visitors from all across the world visit this city and roam around to visit all these places in Jamnagar. One could visit places like Dwarkadheesh Temple, Darbargadh - the residence of Jam Sahebs (the most popular tourist attraction in Jamnagar), Positra Beach, Kotha Bates, Bala Hanuman Temple, and Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple in Jamnagar.While traveling in Jamnagar, commutation is a very big challenge here. And when you are traveling to this city during the vacation seasons, the crowd in the streets doubles in no time. Most of the public transports get jam-packed with commuters here and in order to travel in full comfort, most people take cab service in Jamnagar as soon as they land here. This enables them to make sure that their stay in Jamnagar would be comfortable and convenient in terms of traveling. A dedicated cab or taxi would ensure that you reach your decided location or destination without booking anything or waiting for public transport. People often book a taxi cab provider in Gujarat at the best prices to travel around Jamnagar. However, before booking a taxi service in Jamnagar, here are the things you should check- • Driving License Of The Driver:Before you book the taxi service in Jamnagar, you should check the authenticity of the driving license of the taxi driver. The commercial drivers often hold a different driver’s license that one should always be checked. This will help in ensuring that the driver is a trained professional that drive safely and will keep you safe in your journey. • Knowledge And Information Of Routes:As most people taking taxi services in Jamnagar are new to the region, they tend to be unaware of the routes. To ease out this common problem, having a driver who has a thorough knowledge of the routes in the city can make your travel faster and easier. Know what places you are planning to travel to in Jamnagar and ask your driver if he/she has complete knowledge of all the routes to the places. Furthermore, a driver who is quite familiar with the places would surely know the shortcuts and even keeps you saved from getting stuck in traffic jams.• Experience Of The Driver On The Road:Knowing the driver’s on-road experience is also relevant to make sure that you are safe and secure in their hands. A driver is a responsible person who takes care of your safety and it is important for you to know that you are in expert hands. The experience of the drivers on the road would help you to know they would drive smoothly, safely and know all rules, etc. • Fare Breakup of Your Hired Taxi:Before booking the services of a taxi cab provider in Gujarat it is necessary to make sure how they are planning to charge you for the ride around Jamnagar. You would not want to be surprised with a hefty sum being charged from you when the trip ends. It is important to know how much they charge per kilometer, charges for stay, delays, jams, etc., in order to fully aware of how much the charges might be. • Payment Method Of Your Hired Taxi:The most important thing to check with the driver is how he intends to take the payment from you when the trip ends in Jamnagar. Make sure that you are comfortable with the mode of payment. Check whether he is accepting payment by cards, mobile wallets, cash or other things, which would help you make a more secure and seamless payment. Eminence of Availing Car Rental Services http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/eminence-of-availing-car-rental-services_8025.htm Mon, 27 Jan 2020 12:10:39 +0530   Jamnagar is a large city in the state of Gujarat in India. It is a hub of various industries like oil refineries, brass, bauxite mines, and much more. In fact, big fishes like Essar Oil and Reliance Industries have set up their massive oil refineries in this city of Gujarat. The city has numerous educational institutes like colleges, schools, and universities related to various fields like commerce, arts, medical, engineering, and much more. Jamnagar is well-connected by road and railways. It has an airport too from which direct flights to Mumbai run on a daily basis.   A brief about car rental service In order to reach different places in this city like a tourist spot, shopping mall, hotel, office, college, hospital, etc. a car can be conveniently hired from a provider of car rental services. These service providers offer their car by charging a tariff on hourly or per day basis. They are well-equipped with various types of cars like hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, MUVs, coaches, and much more, to meet the variegated requirements of the clients. When a group of people has to travel to a certain place, an SUV or MUV is generally preferred for rent.   There are various advantages of availing a car rental service in Jamnagar. These are as follows- While on a vacation in Jamnagar, it is highly preferable to explore the city by hiring a car on a rental basis. These services providers are well-versed with the complicated routes and other aspects of the city and can make the travel experience worthwhile.   When a group of office colleagues, friends, etc. opt for a car on a rental basis for visiting a place, office, etc., the cost of travel per head is highly reduced as the group shares the travel expense. Thus, it is a highly cost-effective option.     It avoids the wear and tear of your personal car, thereby reducing the maintenance and repair cost.   As these cars are driven by a driver, one does not have to get into the hassle of driving in today’s jammed traffic conditions.     These service providers even keep certain luxurious cars with them which can be hired for a special occasion like special dinners, pick up of a foreign delegate, and much more.   The providers of car rental services should offer fair deals and well-maintained vehicles to their clients in order to sustain for a long time in the market. Thus, we can conclude that it is highly commendable to get a car on a rental basis when traveling within the city of Jamnagar. Call a Cab When in the City of Jamnagar http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/call-a-cab-when-in-the-city-of-jamnagar_8026.htm Mon, 27 Jan 2020 12:19:55 +0530 Under the cab services, a vehicle is hired for visiting a place. The vehicle is accompanied by a driver and the one who hires the cab has to pay the taxi fare. The fare charged by the provider of cab service can differ on the basis of the distance to be traveled. The city of Jamnagar has numerous cab service providers, who offer all types of cars like hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, MUVs, etc. as taxis. Jamnagar is a large populated city in the state of Gujarat in India. It is an abode for various corporate offices, oil refineries, factories, educational institutes, hotels, hospitals, and much more. Cab services make the job of reaching a place highly simplified. As a person calls a cab via online or SMS or phone calls, the cab reached his place of arrival at the defined time. Punctuality is the basic principle on which the cab service providers operate.   Following are the benefits of using a cab service-   v 24/7 Service   The cabs can be called at any time of the day, as these services are functional 24 hrs for all 7 days of the week. The convenience offered by hiring a cab is just a call away. Cabs are functional even of holidays and festivals. As you call a cab and provide your details regarding locations etc., it reaches your current locations and makes to travel to your desired location.   v Economical   The cab services are considered as highly cost-effective, as you get a driver and a vehicle to take you to the desired destination just by paying a mere fare. The fares charged by the cab service providers are highly reasonable with regard to the convenience and comfort provided by them.   v Saves Time   Hiring a cab helps in saving a lot of time. The cab drivers reach to the location of their customer either before or on-time so as to avoid the unnecessary wastage of their time. Different types of public transports like metros, busses, etc. require the boarder to get into the trouble of reaching to their stop or station and wait for the vehicle. But in the case of cabs, the vehicle reaches your exact location without making you wait. The cabs reach in a few minutes after a call is made by the customer. This saves a lot of time and energy.   v Professional drivers   The cabs are driven by trained drivers, who are well-versed with the complicated routes of the city. They are highly familiar with the traffic conditions and patterns of the various road of the city in which they operate. The assurance and promptness offered by them are matchless.   Thus, we can conclude that hiring a cab when in Jamnagar is a highly advantageous option than opting for other means of transports. Explore the City of Rajkot with a Top-notch Travel Agent http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/explore-the-city-of-rajkot-with-a-top-notch-travel-agent_8041.htm Tue, 28 Jan 2020 13:16:14 +0530   Traveling means going from one place to another place for leisure, enjoyment and to have an unforgettable experience. In ancient times traveling was very difficult and risky because there were no proper roads and transports. A traveler had to pass through the difficult hills and dense forests. He had to face the fury of nature, wild beasts, robbers and many other obstacles. But today traveling has become easy, thanks to the many travel agents who advise for cost effective and must visit travel places. These agents offer impartial travel advice to the travelers, as well as coordinate the travel details and assist the customer in booking their travel deals.   The lesser known spectacular domestic travel site –Rajkot Rajkot can be touted as one of the place in India which is a must visit for all travelers. Being the fourth largest city in the state of Gujarat, India, after Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara – Rajkot too stands out. The city contains the administrative headquarters of the Rajkot District and is located on the banks of the Aji and Nyari rivers. Rajkot has hot and dry summers from mid-March to mid-June and the wet monsoon season from mid-June to October. The months from November to February are mild, the average temperature remains around 20 °C, with low humidity. In the months of winter, the temperature at Rajkot varies but on a whole winter are pleasant here. It is a multicultural place. There are many languages one can find here, like Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi, English, Sindhi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi. However, only Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, and English are well understood. The people in Rajkot are predominantly vegetarians. All the women in Rajkot are fond of jewelry. They adorn large chains, pendants and other heavy gold jewelry during marriages, festivals and functions. However, the attire changes with the season and festivals. It has its own native music genre, called Dayro, which is used to convey folk stories and sayings. Rajkot also inherited Kathiyawadi folk music. Garba, is popular among both, men and women and is performed during the festivals of Navratri. To explore such a place with diversity it is better to be accompanied by a navigator or a travel agent. There are many such guides who make sure that the travelers’ trip solves their purpose of an eventful experience and thus these agents arrange such a domestic travel that is most easy going and comfortable. The agents offer the most competent and reasonable travel related services, including taxi cab providers, tour operators, car rental services, hotel booking services, and city tours.   The Growing Trend of Availing Luxury Cars on Rent http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/the-growing-trend-of-availing-luxury-cars-on-rent_8042.htm Tue, 28 Jan 2020 13:19:55 +0530 As the population in the country is increasing continuously, so the cars and other vehicles on the roads. This has resulted in the increased traffic on the roads. It takes much longer time for people to reach even the places that are few kilometers apart. The people try to avoid traveling by their own means of transport and prefer the very famous, popular and common method of carpooling. The sudden increase in demand and usage of public transport is the result of a sudden increase in the traffic on the roads. Especially, the companies that are running any kind of public transport in the metropolitan cities have been earning the sky-high revenues from past few years. Most importantly the companies that are providing the services of car hire or car on rent are among the lists of top industry grosses. The car rental agency is the one of such kind that helps in providing the people with, automobiles on rent. The vehicles are provided on rent either for few hours or for few days, i.e. generally for the shorter duration of time, which many times increased to a few weeks. These car rental companies usually prefer to serve those people, who urgently need a temporary vehicle for the shorter duration of time and are ready to pay some amount of money as rent to them. People like the travelers, or the ones' who do not own a vehicle of their own are included in this category. Along with providing the services of the car on rent to people, the companies are also providing the various other services like the insurance of vehicle, global positioning system, a navigation system, entertainment systems, mobile phones, portable wireless fidelity, and much more. Luxury cars on rent in Rajkot: - Due to increase in the demand of people for the car services on rent in Rajkot, many start-ups have become successful. Many companies have initiated their own start-ups and are providing the people with an easy to book and pocket-friendly cars on rent. Numerous companies like that of Ola cabs, Uber cabs, Meru Cabs, etc. have seen a successful establishment of their businesses and also high revenues in past few years. One of the major concern for these kinds of companies is the safety for the customers, especially those who are traveling late in nights.The cars rental companies in Rajkot must try to use the different kinds of advertisement techniques to promote the sale of their services and to attract more and more customers. They must also try to provide various additional services to the customers and maintain a good level of customer satisfaction. Taxi Cab Provider in Gujarat http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/taxi-cab-provider-in-gujarat_8043.htm Tue, 28 Jan 2020 13:23:46 +0530 Travelling has become a passion of many. People like to travel in and out, as well as at the tourist places. Driving self-becomes tiring on the busy roads whether it is a state, city, town or small village. Hence, the taxi cab provider comes as the savior for many such wandering souls. The trend of availing taxi cab services in Gujarat Gujarat the state is all colorful and has got numerous taxi cab provider to help the local as well as the traveler. These taxi cab provider helps to travel in all metro and major cities of Gujarat. Taxi hire services are available at most popular tourist places of the state - Gujarat. Following are the cities of Gujarat where car rental services are available like Ahmedabad, Dwarka, Bhuj, Surat, Vadodara, Jamnagar, Rajkot, etc. Many companies provide all types of cab rental services throughout Gujarat. They also provide car hiring for tours to other parts of India. They not only provide car hire service but also provide economic car service and airport car rental. They provide 24*7 taxi service too. Whether a car is required for an hour, a day, a week or a month, these corporations provide the highest possible standard of service at the most affordable rates. They provide services which include economic, standard and luxury cab facility in Gujarat. Quirks of taxi cab providers Taxi cab supplier makes sure to deliver the best comforts at most affordable tariff. Provide the passenger with lots of services like GPS real time tracking, 24*7 support, pick &drop to the airport.   The person whether hails from the rich family or middle class can book the taxi cab in no time. Taxi cab provides its services to corporate clients, independent & family outdoor excursions, wedding occasions etc.     Taxi cab provider also offer around the corner local rental car to customers. They provide on road and online safety for customers like they provide new, clean and well-maintained cars and hire only experienced chauffeurs who are well versed with regional routes and also provide online safety to secure the privacy of information used by customers. There are many online portals through which the tourist or the native can get the taxi booked at competitive prices. With a widespread network and a convenient booking process, online portals get best deals on cab booking. Customers can choose from a vast range of luxury vehicles and standard cars according to their budget. Thus, it is right to conclude that online booking gives helpful information that assists in making the right decisions while our rental vehicle.     Always Opt for a Travel Agent for Exploring the Beautiful City of Rajkot http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/always-opt-for-a-travel-agent-for-exploring-the-beautiful-city-of-rajkot_8044.htm Tue, 28 Jan 2020 14:36:26 +0530   A travel agent is a person, who organises and offers various services related to visiting of its customer at a certain price. Tour packages are also known as holiday package or vacation package. The word holiday means when a person takes off from their daily routine, it can either be from office, school or from anywhere the person has to do duty. Domestic travel agents are the persons who book services locally in that area only. A domestic travel agent is a person who books transport, accommodation, meals and other facilities for that place where the person wants to visit. Travel packages are sold by travel agents who are employees of tour operators. Tour packages mostly combine a bundle of services. Domestic Travel agent provides following services in travel package like:   Transport to and fro- By car or private cab   Accommodation – hotel stay and meals usually bed and breakfast   Rental car facilities   Tickets for attractions   Sightseeing   All these services when combined together form a tour package offered by travel agent organised by tour operators at different prices. Prices of any package depend on the cab fare, star category of hotels, rent charges of a car for sightseeing, meals charges, and other charges.   A brief about the city of RAJKOT Rajkot is a placed situated in Gujrat. It is placed in the centre of Saurashtra. The Rajkot has roots of Indian freedom struggle. Mahatma Gandhi spent his young days in this place. He went to Alfred high school which was renamed as Gandhi Vidyalaya, which is now a famous tourist attraction. Rajkot is famous for religious sites and architectural buildings. The British period architecture is still alive and gives local people fond memories at that time. It has various in situations which are world renowned. It has many ashram and Theme parks for entertainment.   · Rotary doll museum   · Shri Ramakrishna Ashram   · Raj Kumar college   · Fun world- Theme park   · Racecourse grounds   · Watson museum   · Aji dam garden   · Mahatma Gandhi high school   · Gyuill Mall   · ISKCON, Rajkot   · Khambhalida Buddhist cave   · Pradyuman Park   · Ranjit villas pale   · Dashryashala     Rajkot town tops the chart of the world’s best tourist attraction. Revenue in Rajkot is generated by tourism only due to its scenic beauty. In Rajkot, there are many people who work as a Domestic travel agent and offer their services to visitors locally everywhere in that city. Various travel agents offering different price range of Rajkot package. It usually starts from Rs.21, 220- per person and can go up to 40,000 per person. These packages are available for 4nights and 5days.   Thus, it can be concluded that Rajkot has emerged as the favourite tourist destination and various tour packages are available for the domestic and overseas client.       Explore the Beautiful City of Rajkot http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/explore-the-beautiful-city-of-rajkot_8045.htm Tue, 28 Jan 2020 14:46:17 +0530   Many tourist attractions in India are highly sought-after by not only the domestic travelers but also tourists from the overseas. The city of Rajkot in the state of Gujarat in India is also considered as one of the favorite destinations of the tourists from all over the world. It has a population of more than 1.2 million people spread in an area of 170 square kilometers. The city of Rajkot is known for its cleanliness, as it is the seventh cleanest city of India. The semi-arid climate of this city is highly applauded by the tourists from various parts of the world like Europe, the United States of America, Dubai, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and much more. This city accommodates people from different cultures like Gujarati, Bengali, Sindhi, Tamil, Marathi, and much more. In order to cover all the major tourist attractions in the city of Rajkot, it is highly essential to hire the services of a domestic travel agent in Rajkot. This city is highly intrigued by the domestic and foreign travelers, as it is a blend of various scenic, religious, adventurous, historical, and commercial places. There are various travel agents and guides operative in this city, who can thoroughly guide the city visitors about the various specialties and vitals aspects of each and every spot.   The most popular places of this city are as follows- The Race Course ground- Situated in the heart of the Rajkot city, the race course ground is surely a must-visit place for the kids and adults both. It has a fun world and Baal Bhavan in it that is highly popular among the kids. Apart from this, it has a volleyball ground, gym, swimming pool, and a cricket ground.   Rotary Midtown Doll Museum It is a spectacular museum of dolls in the city of Rajkot. It consists of many alluring dolls of varying sizes, colors, and designs. Every day hundreds of people visit this museum by paying the nominal price of its ticket.   Ishwariya Temple- This temple in the city of Rajkot is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has a huge statue of Lord Shiva, which is highly endeared by the worshippers. Apart from the places mentioned above, Waston museum, Lal Pari lake, ISKCON temple, Alfred High school, and Aji dam garden are also some of the major tourist attractions in Rajkot. The visitors should avail the services of an expert travel agent, to explore this beautiful city to the fullest.   The Growing Trend of Availing Luxury Cars on Rent http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/the-growing-trend-of-availing-luxury-cars-on-rent_8064.htm Thu, 30 Jan 2020 14:49:19 +0530 As the population in the country is increasing continuously, so the cars and other vehicles on the roads. This has resulted in the increased traffic on the roads. It takes much longer time for people to reach even the places that are few kilometers apart. The people try to avoid traveling by their own means of transport and prefer the very famous, popular and common method of carpooling. The sudden increase in demand and usage of public transport is the result of a sudden increase in the traffic on the roads. Especially, the companies that are running any kind of public transport in the metropolitan cities have been earning the sky-high revenues from past few years. Most importantly the companies that are providing the services of car hire or car on rent are among the lists of top industry grosses. The car rental agency is the one of such kind that helps in providing the people with, automobiles on rent. The vehicles are provided on rent either for few hours or for few days, i.e. generally for the shorter duration of time, which many times increased to a few weeks. These car rental companies usually prefer to serve those people, who urgently need a temporary vehicle for the shorter duration of time and are ready to pay some amount of money as rent to them. People like the travelers, or the ones' who do not own a vehicle of their own are included in this category. Along with providing the services of the car on rent to people, the companies are also providing the various other services like the insurance of vehicle, global positioning system, a navigation system, entertainment systems, mobile phones, portable wireless fidelity, and much more. Luxury cars on rent in Rajkot: - Due to increase in the demand of people for the car services on rent in Rajkot, many start-ups have become successful. Many companies have initiated their own start-ups and are providing the people with an easy to book and pocket-friendly cars on rent. Numerous companies like that of Ola cabs, Uber cabs, Meru Cabs, etc. have seen a successful establishment of their businesses and also high revenues in past few years. One of the major concern for these kinds of companies is the safety for the customers, especially those who are traveling late in nights.The cars rental companies in Rajkot must try to use the different kinds of advertisement techniques to promote the sale of their services and to attract more and more customers. They must also try to provide various additional services to the customers and maintain a good level of customer satisfaction.   Hiring taxi service is a better alternative to having a car! Why? http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/hiring-taxi-service-is-a-better-alternative-to-having-a-car-why_8586.htm Wed, 29 Apr 2020 13:13:29 +0530   Transportation has never been that much crucial aspect of life than it is today! And, the main reason is definitely security. You just cannot randomly trust a person to drop you somewhere right? Whether you are a regular office goer or need to pick and drop your kids at school, a handy transportation is all you need. However, most of think may think that having your own car is the best option for commuting anywhere anytime. And the second alternative is to get a taxi service on hire. For thinking so, the forced reasons are independence of driving your own car which is economical too. But what most people do not realize that taxi hire in Jamnagar can provide you frequent benefits than only offering pick-up and drop services anytime from any place to another. Read on to more on taxi services and its advantages on our lives. Benefits of hiring taxi service: The aim of the taxi service business is to serve their clients and offer them 100 % satisfaction just like any other business. 1. Relaxed ride You all love to drive on the smooth clear roads, but what about the crowded lanes? Traffic and road bumps cause stress to the driver and while you are driving your own car, you are left with no other choice rather than being stressed on road. A cab hire in Jamnagar can make forget about operating the wheel! 2. No additional expenditures Having own car means when you are driving you need to think about the fuel charges, car insurance, etc. When you are riding a hired cab, the only expense you have to bear is the rental charge, that’s it! 3. Make yourself free from extra costs When you are a regular cab rider, you can stop taking stresses of the extra expenditures for your car like the regular maintenance costs, high price of the fuel, etc. You only need to pay the cab driver for this service. 4. Ride a taxi any time You can hire a cab anytime a day. This makes you advantageous especially when you are in other city. If you are not familiar with the place, just use the app and call a cabbie. They will be will you wherever you are going. 5. Accidents cannot make you liable Road accidents are very common. Whether you are driving a 2 or 4 wheeler, accidents happen and if you guilty, you are bound to the compensations. While you are riding a taxi, the taxi company takes care of the compensation amount. 6. Get a free roadmap education Cab drivers are hired on the basis of their knowledge of the road map and experience in driving. So, they have a clear roadmap of the city into their minds. They are the best person to help you out in avoiding the peak hour traffic. 7. Free from parking nightmares This is definitely one big benefit of cab rental in Jamnagar. They can offer you the most convenient and quick solutions for parking. So, you just relax, ride and pay your rent. That’s all! Of course having your own car can bring you lots of advantages but hiring a cab frequently can be a smart decision.     Benefits of Taxi hire services in Rajkot http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/benefits-of-taxi-hire-services-in-rajkot_8992.htm Mon, 13 Jul 2020 18:40:07 +0530 Rajkot, the earlier capital of Saurashtra, is an important business hub and an evolving tourism destination as well. Being situated on the banks of the rivers Nyari and Aji, this place holds a glorious historical past surrounding the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Various tourists of different interests come here for official or sightseeing tours throughout the year. And, to roam here and there within or outside the city, who are new to the city often prefer various local private cab service providers for a secure taxi hire in Rajkot. What are the benefits of hiring car rental services in Rajkot? Whether you are on an official tour or a private trip, most of you carry various gadgets with you including laptop, smartphone, smart watch, etc. With a little search over the internet you can quickly find a car rental service provider in Rajkot. And set out for a safe city tour. Renting a taxi can offer you many benefits on an entirely new place, such as • Door to door pickup & drop Door to door pickup and they drop too. A taxi hire in Rajkot offers its clients free pickup and drop services at any locations within and surrounding the city. This is a plus for the tourists as they are unaware of the streets and places of Rajkot and a professional driver helps them to reach any places here in a stress-free manner. • Expert drivers The taxi service providers offer comfortable, spacious and branded cabs to their clients. Also, the drivers they provide are experienced of the roads and traffic rules of Rajkot. This allows the passengers to seat comfortably and relax, as the professional chauffeur will safely and smoothly drive you to your destination in the quickest manner. • Zero-liability Best car rental service providers in the city will offer you zero-liability, i.e. you do not have to worry about the accidental charges while travelling. The rental company will bear the charges and the chauffeur will be responsible for that. • Free guides Hiring a taxi service in Rajkot you receive free guides as the experienced chauffeurs will guide you through the best places to visit, having lunch and souvenir shopping too. In fact, they will assist you in every aspect of your journey through the car. • Easy booking Booking or hiring a cab service in Rajkot is easy. Not internet has made our life easier and smoother. Booking a taxi online is a few clicks’ job. How to hire a car/ taxi in Rajkot? • Through online portal – just make a search over internet and when you find the name or address of the car rental service provider, go to their website. Enter travel date, pickup and drop locations, pay online, and you are done. • Call center – they have call center numbers too. Call them and talk to the customer service provider and plan your travel. • Mobile app – every popular rental provider offers a mobile app for their company. It makes travellers to easily book their taxi hire services. So, choose any mode of booking as per convenience and enjoy visiting Rajkot! Hotel Booking in Jamnagar http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/hotel-booking-in-jamnagar_9658.htm Wed, 18 Nov 2020 14:38:34 +0530 Jamnagar is known as an oil city because it is the world\'s biggest oil refineries of Reliance Industries are here. Jamnagar was formed in 1540 AD and it was the capital of the majestic state of Jadeja, Jamnagar. Jamnagar is also famous for Dwarka. Jamnagar is ideally located along the coastline that stretches till Dwarka. Jamnagar is famous for various places such as Darbargarh Palaces and Pratap Vilas Palaces, etc. With the exquisite architecture of Rajput and prominent gardens, parks, and residential plots are located in Jamnagar. However, there are various hotels in Jamnagar which are offering affordable tariffs to the customers. So you can make hotel booking in Jamnagar online as well as offline. However, the best time to visit Jamnagar is from October to March. However, some of the factors to look at before hotel booking in Jamnagar as:   Reputation One of the main factors for selecting hotels in Jamnagar you must check for the reputation of the hotels online. Nowadays you can book hotels through various online hotel booking websites and check for reviews of such hotels.   Affordable prices Online booking of hotels in Jamnagar is available at various prices but the best affordable price is also a factor for selecting hotels. Price plays a vital role in Hotel booking in Jamnagar as a highly-priced hotel without any amenities will be a loss for travelers. Thus before booking you should make proper research about it.   Facilities Several hotels are providing various facilities such as swimming pools, dining, activities, etc. However, the hotels providing better facilities attract more customers and travelers. So it is advisable to look for hotels which are providing the best facilities and amenities to the customers.   Deals and Discounts The most important factor for hotel booking in Jamnagar is the number of deals and discounts offered by the hotels. If the hotel is providing good deals and discounts will be chosen for the customers. Some of the hotels are also providing complimentary breakfast or any other facilities by the hotel that would attract more customers.   Location Accessibility The factor needs to know before hotel booking in Jamnagar is its location and transportation facility from the hotel to the city. However, some of the hotels are also providing pick and drop facilities to the customers. Accessibility plays a vital role while traveling and if the hotel is far distant from the city will be risky and also a great place for relaxing.   Transportation facility Transportation facility plays a vital role before hotel booking as Jamnagar is a place of palaces and ancient sight-seeing places. Some of the hotels are providing sight-seeing facility to their customers at complimentary rates included in the price or at cost-effective rates.   Hotels in Jamnagar offering a variety of destinations in Jamnagar and other parts of Gujarat to make the customers travel relaxed. The hotel booking in Jamnagar is provided with the main objective is to provide excellent solutions to travelers. Travel agents and hotels have lots of networks for taxi-booking and guides who can guide customers in traveling to the best places in Jamnagar. Thus, Hotels in Jamnagar manage to provide hassle-free and royal services to trust-worthy clients. These hotel booking services can be availed at competitive prices. Exotic Places to Visit in Jamnagar http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/exotic-places-to-visit-in-jamnagar_9752.htm Tue, 08 Dec 2020 10:26:54 +0530 Jamnagar is considered to be the jewel of Gujarat and it is an eminent pearl fishing place. It is the most visited city in western India. Jamnagar is beautiful lakes, a remarkable coastline, and primeval structures. Jamnagar is rich in ancient and natural sites of interest. Jamnagar is known as the world's oil city, and it has India's largest Oil Refining Company, Reliance Industries. Jamnagar is well known for visiting various places such as Dwarka, Sasan Gir, Somnath, and many more.   Jamnagar was formerly known as Nawanagar and it has beautiful architectures of various cultures. Jamnagar went through various transformations under several rulers, and Jamnagar was also known as the brass city of India. The tour operator in Jamnagar is providing exotic tour packages for a lifetime memory. According to a folk tale that Lord Krishna used to stay where the city is situated. Jamnagar has various forts that are maintained even today. There are several accommodation options available in Jamnagar starting from budget to luxurious hotels.   Best time to visit Jamnagar Jamnagar is considered the pearl of Gujarat, and it is also known for a variety of vegetarian food. The best time to visit Jamnagar is from October to March. During this period the weather is very pleasant, and it is the best time for visiting such places. During summers it is very hot and here winters are cool, so it is considered to be the best time for visiting Jamnagar.   Best Places to visit in Jamnagar Jamnagar has various places to visit and enjoy the moment for a lifetime. Here are some of the places to visit in Jamnagar such as :   Swaminarayan Temple Swaminarayan Temple is an outstanding brown marble temple situated in a huge stretching area and it is located 4 km from the city of Jamnagar. The Temple has beautiful gardens and lawns. The temple can be visited between 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm and the entry is free. The best time to visit the temple is morning and evening during aarati. It can be reached easily through any kind of transportation medium.   Marina National Park Marina National Park was built in the Gulf of Kutch and it was the country's first Marine National Park which is spread over an area of 458 square km. It is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamnagar. In this Marine park variety of water, creatures are found such as jellyfishes, sea horses, giant sea anemones, octopus, starfish, Portuguese man of war, and pearl oysters.   Lakhota Lake Lakhota Lake is situated in the middle of the city of Jamnagar. The lake is situated alongside the palace and this palace was built by the King of Navanagar, in the 19-century. The lake serves as a major amusement place for the locals as well as the tourists. The most visited hours for the lake are during the early morning and in the evening.   So if you want to enjoy the place and want to visit a wildlife sanctuary you can enjoy Jamnagar with exotic places such as Be Dwarka, Harsiddhi Temple, Aradhana Dham, and many more. So you can book Tour Operator In Jamnagar and visit various places in and around Jamnagar. Top Benefits That You Might Get From A Car Rental Service http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/top-benefits-that-you-might-get-from-a-car-rental-service_9934.htm Thu, 14 Jan 2021 10:13:13 +0530 The ownership of a car is definitely a privilege and gives car owners a sense of pride. This method was accepted throughout the past when only the majority of wealthy people worldwide could afford the value of automobiles. However, given the increasing prices of vehicles, many people are unable to buy a new car and choose used cars to address the requirements of their transportation. In this sense, it seems like many people in the larger cities and towns are better off using the car rental facility exactly like car rental in Rajkot.   Like the advent of low-cost flights, which allowed people to fly to every city in the world, car rentals are increasing as individuals are being transported with much less money from one place to another. Now is the time for you to make major use of this service and also save costs.   Affordability: Car rental protects you from concerns over maintenance and waste of depreciation. When you wouldn't really need a vehicle every other day and always use one of these on specific celebrations, then you can only hire one to relieve you from both the insurance or maintenance burden.   Freedom: Particularly whenever you travel to remote areas, with hidden treasures like a Mountain Cafe, hiking trails, and incredible waterfalls; you have more freedom to experience if you have a rented car. You can only see attractions and locations in restricted view with several other travelers on a bus or mass transit since there are strict timetables to pursue.   In comparison to traveling by your own vehicle, you can still stop to take in any sight you want and search for hidden beauty spots, more remote and difficult to reach by taxi or bus. You may also establish your own route or select other routes. It is fair to assume, therefore, that riding in a hire car makes you feel more magical and more wonderful. You will always fall in love with getting lost even though things don't go as expected!   Comfort: Car rental helps you to choose your own exciting ride, don't have to be governed by public transport schedules, it can be a trouble to rush for your bus or subway if your schedule is not pleasant. Renting a car always brings you the freedom to go around; you can groove on the radio along with all the tunes, chat with one another in the frequency you prefer.   Safe & Secure Journey: The rental services include well-trained drivers who are not only competent to drive but also well aware of the urban roads. The drivers are supervised by the authorities and are licensed with authorized permits. It's calming when you relax and trust the driver for something like a safe and better connection to locations in a strange world.   Final Words: People will now benefit from the finest and most relaxed car services on a budget basis from car rental in Rajkot. Moreover, most of the car rental suppliers often sell highly satisfied luxury vehicles in a low kilometer range. Internet services make online car rentals easier for people who need easy and inexpensive transport. Car rentals can be conveniently booked as most private car rental companies provide free applications to download to almost any smartphone. What are the Aspects You Need to Consider While Renting a Cab? http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/what-are-the-aspects-you-need-to-consider-while-renting-a-cab_10043.htm Wed, 10 Feb 2021 10:50:37 +0530 Whenever you visit a new city, you happen to rely on the can service for all kinds of transportation. However, cab service is not only for the people who are new in the city, but also for the people who live in the city. If you want to go for a weekend gateway with your family or friends you can book a cab. But to book a cab you need to consider few things and here you are going to get an idea of it.   Factors to Consider   Reputed Car Renting Service While you are opting for a Cab Rental in Jamnagar you need to look for a reputed service agency. You need to check whether they are approved by the state authority.   Responsive A cab renting service has to be responsive in terms of receiving calls and solving any kind issue related to the service.   Availability A service has to be available round the clock so that you can get to book a can anytime of the day. If you are planning for a long drive you might set out at the dawn. If the agency is not available at that hour it is not worthy to go for.   Experienced Driver You need to look for a Cab Rental In Jamnagar that offers experienced driver. You need a driver who knows the city and the neighbouring area, and has an experience in driving on high ways. Besides that, the person has to be trust-worthy and friendly at the same time.   Affordability You need to have an idea about the market rate of renting a car. There are many ways through which a service can charge money. You need to have an idea of the methods through which they calculate the rent. And you need to select a service that follows at least one of the methods correctly.   Benefits of a Cab Rental Service In this present era the amiability of transport service has become much easier. And that is the reason finding a cab is easier than before. All you need to do is to consider the above-mentioned factors to find an appropriate service. Because of this easy availability you do not own a car. You can book a cab instantly for an impromptu road trip.   Booking cab for a long drive is safer as well because the agency provides experienced driver who is habituated driving on highways. Not everyone can drive on the highways. So, for a safe and comfortable road trip booking cab is the best option.   Lastly, few more things you need to take into consideration after booking the cab. You need to ask for a car that is in good condition. You need to check the exterior as well as interior of the car before the agency owner. Apart from that you also need ask to see the driver’s license to check their identity and validity of the license. If you follow these little things you will have the best experience with cab rental service. Top 10 Tips to Consider Before You Choose a Taxi Rental Service http://www.kanaiyatoursandtravels.in/blog/top-10-tips-to-consider-before-you-choose-a-taxi-rental-service_10168.htm Tue, 09 Mar 2021 11:18:11 +0530 Taxi Rentals are a very convenient service nowadays. It is a service that people look up to while planning for a road trip or a day’s trip with friends and family. With the cost of cars soaring high and the need for private cars increasing, taxi rental services and the app cab services have popularised in recent years.   Rental Services in Metropolitan Cities Rental Services are likely to develop and popularise in metropolitan cities because of the pace of life there is very fast. To keep up with this fast-paced life a vehicular help is very much required and rental services meet this need very easily. There is a lot of Rental services provider all over India and the density of this business is much more in big cities of the country. In these cities, people not only use rental cars for pleasure but also for work purposes.   Rental Services in Small towns and cities Small towns or the cities that are gradually showing trends of becoming a mega city very soon have also started depending on taxi hiring businesses. The car rental services are not so varied in those places. They have taxi hiring services which is of rudimentary cause. If we take Rajkot as an example then the services of Taxi hire in Rajkot are almost similar to that of other rental services. There are several other small towns which have ensured full ti,e rental services.   The thing to keep in Mind before Renting   The Taxi hire services has a wide base and while choosing a rental taxi one should keep in mind certain points. These are as follows:   1) Since a lot of rental companies are in the market and are renting taxis, one should always take a short market survey of the rental price. 2) Before renting a taxi one should always check the car beforehand so that any damage to the parts may not hinder the trip. 3) The available range of taxis or cabs should be browsed properly. 4) The prices should be analyzed and should be kept in mind that at the end there are no additional charges. 5) Sometimes a survey can bring some exciting offers in hand such as price cuts and free pick up and free drop services. 6) One should check and recheck the reviews on the internet after choosing the Rental Company. 7) The city-based system and offers should be taken into account. 8) Car should be rented as per the requirements. 9) One should always go for a driver who has a good knowledge of the place. 10) After following all these steps, one should take a brief knowledge, judge all other factors, and finally go for rental services.   Rental Services are no more considered a luxury nowadays. It has turned out to be a necessity now in mega cities and now as well as in towns and cities of India. Hence there is a scope that one may often take the wrong decision while choosing one particular rental service. The above-mentioned points are important to understand this business.